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We are a family of progressive Christian faith,

seeking awareness,

challenging injustice,

loving and serving with courage.

Progressive Christianity is a form of Christianity that is characterized by a willingness to question tradition,
acceptance of human diversity, a strong emphasis
on social justice and care for the poor and the oppressed,
and environmental stewardship of the Earth.

Our inclusivity statement:

"We are a diverse community of faith that gathers inclusively and celebrates the person God is creating each of us to be. Connected by our love of God and our commitment to demonstrate Christ’s love through action, we welcome individuals of all races, nationalities, family structures, economic situations, sexual orientations, gender identities, and theological backgrounds.
We respect and honor our differences!"

At Federated ALL means ALL.

We are an open and affirming congregation. We have an altar for all and welcome all of God's children to our family of faith. 

As part of the United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) we are members of each denominational LGBTQ affirming organization. Both these organizations work to celebrate and create more space in the church for LGBTQ persons.

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As a community of faith we are characterized strongly by our values.

Federated Labyrinth

Spiritual Growth

We question, study, and pray together in order to reflect Christ’s way of love.

Federated Service Worship


We practice compassionate service through social justice and environmental stewardship.

Federated Camp Fire


We share life together and build intentional relationships within and outside our church walls.


Inclusive Love

We respect diversity as an active expression of God’s love for all and our love for each other.


We claim a diversity of beliefs. We continue to discover, develop, and nurture our beliefs
using scripture, tradition, individual and collective experience, as well as reason. We believe…


God is love.


Jesus Christ translates God’s love through teaching, compassion, sacrifice,
and life example.


Holy Spirit brings God’s transformational presence to us and to the world.


Scripture embodies a human understanding of God’s grace and ongoing relationship with us and all of creation.

Solar Powered

Federated has been solar powered since 2012.

We have 132 panels which produce about 50 MWh per year and cut our carbon footprint by 50%. That covers over 90% of our energy needs!

We take seriously God's call to be

good stewards of the earth.

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