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Food & Supply Drive

With COVID-19 causing significant financial disruption for many in our community, we are dedicating our outreach efforts to support community organizations who have been on the front-lines of filling gaps in critical material needs in Flagstaff.

We will be collecting food and supplies throughout Autumn and Winter for our partners at Louie's Cupboard, Flagstaff Shelter Services, Flagstaff Family Food Center, and Kinlani Mutual Aid.

Click below to see ways you can help. 

What items are needed?

See the list >

Super Health Food
  • Non-perishable food items

  • Water bottles

  • Vitamins (Multi, B12, C)

  • Electrolyte packets

  • Cough drops

  • Socks & underwear

  • Masks

  • Soap & hand sanitizer

  • Toiletries

  • New or gently used winter clothes

  • Shoes

  • Sleeping bags

  • Tents

Where do I bring food and supplies?

Church drop-off/Curbside pick-up >

How can I help?

Find out how >

Donation Boxes

Click here to sign up to:

  • Deliver collected items to partner locations

  • Pickup items from congregants' homes if they are unable to drop off items at church

Donate Funds:

Spread the word about the Food Drive:

Still have questions? Email

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